Technical features

TekPro offers a complete range of filter elements manufactured with the highest quality standards. The elements meet all your needs in terms of chemical compatibility of materials.

The filter media available are: PP, PA6 e 66, PTFE, PVDF, ACF. The variants of construction ensure maximum retrofit possibility with all the major world producers.
These elements are used in the fields of chemistry, water, pigments, food, pharmaceutical, gas and air. The filter cartridge Filterpol-TKP is built entirely with polypropylene filter media welded at the bottoms.

The filtering material, polypropylene, is constructed through an exclusive technology that allows a high accumulation capacity of the particles of dirt and a longer operating life.This also makes it very versatile, with a wide chemical compatibility. It can be used in many applications and in the delicate sectors like electronic, pharmaceutical, beverage industry etc.

The filter cartridge Filterpol-TKP is produced in a controlled environment and is 100% tested before shipment. No release of particles, can be sterilized and mantain its filtration performance under pressure drop. The long life of use, the versatility and the stability, make it a highly accurate and inexpensive filter.


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