Thirty years of experience in the field of filtration

Tekpro comes from thirty years of experience in the field of filtration and technical textiles of its founders. An expert team that provide to customers the best economic solutions even by adding technical advice for choosing the right filters or fabric more suitable for your needs. Absolute Expertise in solutions for filtration and choice of technical fabrics. Our philosophy is based on the following principles::

  • High quality products
  • Fast and accurate answer to customer needs
  • Cost reduction
  • Technical consulting
  • Collaboration with customers

Target: complete customer satisfaction

Our attention is targeted to small or big enterprise providing the best service for the fulfilment of different needs.


Thanks to continuous research and knowledge gained, we selected the best partners in the market that allow us to provide high quality products which can also be used in the most demanding filtration process.

Fast answer

In a fast industrial world Tekpro srl is committed to provide quick answers to satisfy your needs by providing explanations that you expect with no downtime.

Cost reduction

Tekpro’s target is to maximize the relation quality/price of products offered and the ongoing search for possible solutions in the direction of reducing the costs of its clients while keeping constant the level of quality its products.

Targeted technical expertise

With the strong know-how gained over the years we can provide solutions and suggestions to customers to solve their problems of filtration, aware that this experience you can ’just get on the field after several years of experience. Filtration its a complex subject with many variables that need to be considered.

Costumer support

We seek to establish a partnership with our customers that will lead to lasting satisfaction of both. We know that the solutions must be shared with the client because only the customer knows its problems, machines and equipment they work with.Only with a continuous exchange of ideas we can get in place the best solution of the problem.


Absolute Expertise in solutions for filtration and choice of technical fabrics