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Products and services

Thirty years of experience in the field of filtration and technical fabrics

Services for the company

Quality, precise answers, cost reduction, targeted technical advice, collaboration with customers

Technical fabrics

TekPro produces high-precision technical fabrics for all applications: from the simplest to the most sophisticated

Sintered filters

The TekPro filter elements are produced with the proprietary coaxial sintering technology. A wide range of geometries can be obtained

Liquid filters

TekPro offers a complete range of filter elements manufactured with the highest quality standards. The filter media available are: PP, PA6 e 66, PTFE, PVDF, ACF

Pleated filter element

Tekpro manufacture pleated filter elements with state-of-the art machinery. Our product range consists of cartridges for various applications

TKP Leaktrack

TKP Leaktrack powder can help reduce downtime and is more effective and safer than visual inspections


Absolute Expertise in solutions for filtration and choice of technical fabrics